Automated Electric Gate Safety Devices

Automatic or Electric Gate systems will often require safety devices ranging from safety edges to obstacle detection devices. HFS fit the full range of safety devices for all our installations and can in the majority of cases locate and acquire necessary devices for gate systems we haven’t installed but have been called in to repair or service.

Safety Product info sheet.



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P111041 - PRC Pneumatic relay for BAR edge with no. 1 pressure switch.

D221074 - TB
Plug for BIR C.



P111401 00001 - VENTIMIGLIA NS
Infrared obstacle detection device for BIR C safety edge compliant with standard EN 12978.

N190106 - STR
Pair of infrared sensors, for DCW photocell safety edge.

P111410 - DCW
Safety device for detecting obstacles, can be connected to infrared or resistive safety edges. Rotatable by 180°. Meets standard EN 12978.

N190104 - BIR C
Rubber safety edge.


P111050 - CM1000 Mechanical flush safety edge (1m)

P111025 - FL 100A
Flat photocell receiver/ transmitter pair for external application, range up to 50 m, power supply 24V. (10 pcs/package).

P111056 - CM5000
Mechanical flush safety edge (5m). .

P111055 - CM4000

Mechanical flush safety edge (4m).

P111054 - CM3000

Mechanical flush safety edge (3m).

P111053 - CM2000

Mechanical flush safety edge (2m).


P111052 - CM1700

Mechanical flush safety edge (1,7m).

P111051 - CM1500

Mechanical flush safety edge (1,5m).

P111042 - PRC2

Pneumatic relay for BAR edge with no. 2 pressure switches.

P111399 - IT23

Connection interface for CELLULA RFL. It is possible to connect the CELLULA RFL in accordance with EN954-1 using this device.

P111409 - S RFLP

Reflector for retro-reflective RFL PHOTOCELL with reflector mount for wall mounting and/or mounting on CC post.

P111081 - PRO 130

Anodised aluminium guard for CELLULA 130.



Flat reflection photocell for external application, nominal activation distance 12 m, power 24Vac/dc.

P111273 - CELLULA 130

Flat self-aligning photocell receiver/transmitter pair for external application, range up to 30 m with 24 Vac/dc power supply.

P111272 - CELLULA 50

Photocell receiver/transmitter pair, range up to 30 m, power supply from 24 Vac to 31 Vac.

P111382 - FL NET

Pair of photocells FL Net.

D221573 - CCI

Flush container for CELLULA 50 and INTRO.

P903005 - CC130

Pair of aluminium posts for CELLULA 130 photocells.


D141160 - FLEXY 6

Extensible cable for powering the FLCP safety edge applied in industrial sectional doors. Max extension 6 m.

P111059 00001 - FLCP 2

Obstacle detection device consisting of two electronic boards with the respective sensors fixed to an aluminium section bar.

P903014 - CM RFL

RFL PHOTOCELL wall mount. Reflector included.

P903013 - CC RFL

RFL PHOTOCELL mount for mounting on CC post. Reflector included.

P903008 - CSC 50

Aluminium post for photocell, mod. CELLULA 50, and mod. INTRO switch.

P903007 - CSC 130

Aluminium post for photocell, mod. CELLULA 130, and mod. INTRO switch, plus CC130 post.


P903004 - CC50

Pair of aluminium posts for CELLULA 50 and RFL photocells

P903006 - CC130/2

Pair of aluminium posts, for double photocell insertion, for CELLULA 130 photocells.

P111451 00002 - BAR C BA 2

Rubberr safety edge with double profile (2m). For sectional doors.
















P111450 00006 - BAR C 6

Rubber safety edge with double profile (6m).

P111450 00004 - BAR C 4

Rubber safety edge with double profile (4m).


















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