Gate Automation

Our specialty is the installation and automation of gates. The are 2 key operating systems or types of automated gate which need to be considered in the planning stages.

They are sliding or swing automated gates.


Although it appears obvious, sliding gates need the appropriate amount of space for the gate to slide along as it opens, which may dictate the direction of slide.


The swinging automated gates need a clear field of opening on their way toward the stopping sensors. An inclined driveway may dictate which way the gates open.


We offer a planning and advice service to help make sure you choose the right gate and automation system.


  • Swinging Gates
  • Sliding Gates

Swing Gate Automation


The swing gate automation systems can be electromechanical or hydraulic. Each has it’s set of required elements and each has it’s advantages for certain situations. To find which is the best type of swing gate operating system for you call us on 01794 367 132


Elecrtomechanical Example Drawing & Hydraulic Example Drawing

automated swinging gateshydraulic swing gates




We install sliding gate automation systems for both the domestic and commercial markets. Our domestic systems are designed for gates ranging in maximum weight from 800kg right up to 4000kg. To find which is the best type of sliding gate automation system for you call us on 01794 367 132


sliding automated agets in hampshire, wiltshire and dorset





electric sliding gates in hampshire
swing gate automation in hampshire, wiltshire and dorset
swinggate automation in hampshire, wiltshire, dorset